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Quality Control
Raylite still lives!!
Oct 11, 08 2:48 PM
New Beginning!
May 6, 08 4:06 PM
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Welcome to Quality Control!
A guild for those who strive to be the best tank, top dps, greatest healer, or just all around damn good at your job.  Tired of playing with that one guy in the group that makes you wonder how he made it to 70?  Annoyed with having to group with people that play WoW using fist and keyboard?  We are too.  We are serious gamers who take only our performance seriously.  Join us in setting the bar above the rest - in hopes of never having to deal with under-achieving idiots again.
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Raylite still lives!!

Raylite, Oct 11, 08 2:48 PM.
I'm still alive. Oct. 17th is the due date for my computer to arrive in San Diego. I haven't yet setup an appt to install internet in the room, so maybe another week delay on top of that, Idk we'll see.  After I get situated, I'll still be shipping out come February for 7 months, so you'll have me for a small period before then.

I'm sorry for bouncing out, but I miss you guys and my ventrilo will remain up and online as long as I have intentions to return. Don't worry guys, I'll be back :)

New Beginning!

Raylite, May 6, 08 4:06 PM.
So guildportal made some changes to their message system format - in which it no longer works for me at work, so I can read the site - I just can't make changes or w/e...


Weyr is xfrred to Kel'thuzad, name changed to Raylite.  Was intended to be Raytank, but fingers type quicker than I think so cest le vie.  I spend all but 30minutes on the server before I am picked up to tank half of Heroic Mech, then get pulled into a Gruul's run (won nothing) followed by a successful Mag run (won T4 Chest piece, and 20 slot bag) THEN we run off to finish someones kara before server reset...

So in 1 day I did more raiding than we've done in an entire weekend.  I am in lust with this server already.

Fucking T4 helm still eludes me though.
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